Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's New?

We made it thru Thanksgiving.......Dad, Dave & Linda, Leilani, Don and kids, Rob, Kim & Skylar all came. We had a nice dinner. Dave & Linda hit the road before dark to head up to the old farm for hunting over the weekend. Rob stayed and hunted here over the weekend.
Skylar wasn't feeling good and now Kadee has it. (Skylar's doctor said it was croup, the next visit they said it was bronchitis.)
Selem made it to NJ to start boot camp. Haven't heard from him..........his quite busy no doubt. Poor boy!
We got our first good snow over the last few days. Lots of wind along with it. My new house has the nicest howl when it's windy! It's wonderful!
Sarah started piano lessons last Tues. She did really well. Yesterday she said she didn't want to do it anymore! I was nagging her to practice at the time. She said she knows the song!! She doesn't understand the concept I guess. Also when I told her to say the notes as she played them (like the book says) she said she didn't want to..........It's too hard!! I was going to give it 6 weeks to see if she really wanted to do this. I was hoping to get both girls involved in music in some form. Oh well. Jenny loves band and is doing well on the clarinet.
Sarah has a love of hunting and the weapons that go along with it.
Our tree is up and the house is decorated. The gifts are under the tree. I have one left to buy for a name drawn at Grandma Marsha's. (That's Don's mom.........we have been adopted by that family! Wonderful people! I miss Lorie tho.)
Sarah and I are working on a batch of peanut butter balls today. We'll roll them then chocolate dip them. A kid favorite! (Uncle Don too.......he loves anything with peanut butter in it!)
I'm looking for a new computer........desk top this time I think. Any opinions on the Windows Vista?
Have a good week!


At 10:48 AM , Anonymous leileilee said...

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At 3:48 AM , Blogger Deb H said...

Wish I could've been there for Thanksgiving.
Sorry I don't know anything about computers to give you advice. Maybe call your IT son.


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