Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Home!

I'm home a feeling pretty good. The first couple of days I wished I hadn't done it but once I realized the way I felt was from the pain drip of morphine I was getting, and had them remove it, it was all uphill from there! Then I took Vicoden at nite to help me sleep and Tylenol during the day, so I wouldn't. They must be short staffed too because everyone that came in said the Dr. wanted me to walk, then they'd leave. I was so drugged I couldn't stand up alone!
Changing the meds made such a huge difference, he offered to let me go home Sat. I asked to stay one more nite which was still a day sooner then he had originally told me. I have an elastic wrap on my abdomen and a tube top covering my new boobs (both have dry dressings under them.) I also have 4 drain tubes......which are such a joy~~ I may lose some of all of it when I see him on Fri. I'll keep you posted.........maybe even with a photo!!


At 6:08 AM , Blogger MJAPA said...

Congrats on the new boobs! I wonder if there is a card for this? The photos are wonderful! I love the girls loft beds, I need something like that for Darian! Glad you are doing well! Loves and kisses to you


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