Monday, May 17, 2010

Kamies' Fitting

This is Kamies' "before" fitting. She didn't want that dress on but as soon as I put it on she knew she was beautiful!! She loved it! I ended up cutting 9" off the bottom. Kadee has one just like it........for Uncle Seth's wedding in June. They are the flower girls. Heidi wanted mid-calf length and the dresses only came in even sizes. Kadee wears a 7 and got an 8 and Kami wears about a 2 and we got her a 4. Hopefully they can wear them next year for Easter or something. It also came with a wrap! They have sparkley necklaces to wear and I think they'll have a bow in their hair and maybe bare feet!! The wedding is at the Little Stone Church near Silver Lake. Reception here.......down the hill next to the pond. Pray for good weather!!

Odie's open house was yesterday and had a Hawaiian theme. Jenny was the token Hawaiian!

Here's Odie and her boyfriend, Anthony (or as Kami says "Ant-knee"!) Mom and Evan got in on it too~

Kami was exhausted after a long day and didn't want me to go home for some reason! I'll bet she slept good last nite! Today is Sr. skip day so Odie and friends went to the movies. Graduation is Fri the 28th. She's going to become a CNA and hopefully start her nurses traing at MCC in the fall.


At 2:17 PM , Blogger Deb H said...

Wow, twice in one month!Gosh, it doesn't seem possible that Odie is graduating! Dad sounded all wore out yesterday after his trip up there.

Kamie looks so cute in her dress!Tell he Aunt Bee says she's beautiful!


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