Monday, December 22, 2008

Cleaning Up

Leilani spent the night at the hotel at the corner of the Walmart parking lot due to the weather. I told her to give the bill to Walmart since they refused to let her head for home early. That job is just not worth a life!! Today is clean-up and I hear they are threatening us with a big one tomorrow some time. I keep telling Don we need to get a snow blower. He's sure if we do it will stop the snow from falling. That's worth the price of a blower, isn't it??


At 1:28 PM , Blogger Deb H said...

Why didn't she go spend the night at Dad's. I'm sure he would've loved the company.

Maybe just buying a pair of skis would do the trick!

At 5:36 PM , Blogger Lei Lei said...

Because he called my daughter a tramp and I'm not thrilled at this point!

At 1:35 AM , Blogger Michelle Auer said...

Our snow has already melted, but it looks a lot like this for about 4 days! The whole city shut down.

At 5:14 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, it has all melted now!

Except it's a tin shet of clear glassy ice. Nana fell yesterday, so I practiced my beauty school stuff on her.

Back massage, pedicure, and I did her hair and make-up before we left to the (Late) X-mas party at Grandma Marasha's~ It was fun!

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