Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey Deb! We could be related!!

Judi Dench is one of my favorites.........her hair inspired me to finally get mine cut short! (Not like it is now of course. I'm bald again.) And Grace Kelly!! I must be gorgeous!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Off ! (in more ways then one, I'm sure!)

Leilani is taking me to chemo today. I took my handful of chemo pills this morning. My head is sore as the hair falls out. I get a dog who doesn't shed and then this ..........! It's every where! I wanted to cover my head yesterday to keep the hair out of the food (I was making the dinner) and the only ones we had around here had skulls all over them! (Loni had bought them to use in a quilt for the Pirates football games.) I was some sight!
We are working on a quilt as a Christmas gift and my thumb has split in several directions just in time to hand sew the binding. It couldn't happen to the thumb that is numb from the incident with the table saw a couple of years ago! I hope it heals in time to get it done!
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chapter 41

This is actually chapter 41 of Martha Bolton's book "Cooking With Hot Flashes":

'Ten Things I knew I Would Never Forget Even in Middle Age'
(Okay. Never mind.)

T-Day Approaches!

The pantry is stocked and the turkey is still rock hard in the fridge (a 20+# this year). There will be a gang here at the Taylor's for the big feast. Rob & Kim and baby Skylar are coming and Aunt Linda (who is bringing about half the dinner......thank you very much!) and Uncle Dave and of course, Dad! Loni has to work so I'm cooking.........I couldn't find a pan big enough for a bird so I'm not sure she could cook if she had too! I went into my stored stuff and found my trusty Nesco. I'm ready!!
There will be pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pies, dutch apple pies (can you see where my mind goes when I think food?)
Anyhow, chemo is the day after Thanksgiving so I'll be quite able to eat! Thank you very much Doc!
I saw my surgeon yesterday (he likes me....I don't whine). Actually he told me I have a great attitude and it's a pleasure to have me as a patient. I don't have to see him again until the port needs to come out, but I'm welcome to any time!
I've said from the first time I went thru this..........It is easier to go thru it then to watch someone else go thru it..........and I've seen a few.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

End of first round of chemo pills......

I saw the doctor yesterday. He said my hands look good! This morning I have a sore spot that looks like an erruption waiting to happen. I'm done with the 10 pills a day for a week. Then the whole thing starts over on chemo day. It will be the day after Thanksgiving this time, then back to Thurs. At least I should feel good to eat turkey!

I'm still tired (he did say my white count was low but expected) (blood pressure was up too) but I don't sleep well when I do go to bed. Hmmmm.