Saturday, March 29, 2008

The theater

We are becoming real socialites! Sarah and I went to a stage production of "Beauty and the Beast" last nite. It was put on by Hart High School kids. It was fabulous! I'm going to watch the Taylor girls tonite so Leilani and Grandma Marsha can go see it. Don has a big game dinner to go to! Oh yes, Jenny went to but she went with a friend. She's getting too old to hang out with relatives!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Kadee & Skylar:

Brandi liked the baby.........she laid on her protect her I think.
Kadee is taking care of her baby! She says she is going to have twins, a girl and a boy (just like Dora's mother!). Every time you ask her what their names will be, the answer is different.
Skylar playing in the girl's room. The girls spent last nite and today with their cousin, Kristy.

Don and Don at Easter dinner (or rather dessert).

Grandma doing what grandmas do best.

The new Mom........

Rob & Kim were here too.......just didn't get them in front of the camera! Kristy brought the girls home just before everyone cleared out. They had a fun weekend and Jenny was thrilled to finally get to meet Kallie!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Congrats Cherokee!!

Cherokee was collecting money while they were here and it paid off! She was the top collector!! YEA!! (She got a really cool medal but it wouldn't let me upload it.......don't know why.) Good job Cherokee!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kamryn comes home......

Leilani was moving in slow motion when she came home. She had developed an infection at the site of the surgery. Today she's doing better. Moving better and not quite as sore. I fixed dinner and took it over last nite after they got home and we passed the baby around! We cleaned up and annoyed them for a couple hrs. I think they were all in bed by 9 p.m.! Kamryn is eating more then the little bottles the hospital gives you, at one sitting. She'll be 12 lbs in no time! She's sleeping 4 hrs at a stretch and says very little.
Tomorrow we make a Dr. run to Muskegon. Jenny, Leilani and I all have appts.


Kadee and 'Kamryn Grace Taylor' as Kadee says.

The cousins must be boring (that's Skylar and Sarah holding her.) Kamryn looks remarkably like the "reborn dolls" I bought!

Kadee holds her new sister.........

Friday, March 14, 2008


Kamryn Grace Taylor decided she was going to choose her own birthday. I got a call at
5 a.m. this morning (March 14th) and it was Leilani telling me her water had broken! The call
woke up all of us so the girls got up to get ready for school. I actually left here before Leilani and
Don. (He had to find something plastic to put on his cloth upholstered seat. Oh yeah, and wait for
his mom to come get Kadee, who had been up since 1:30 a.m.) I picked up Odie so she could
watch her sister be born! She did very well.......not only didn't faint, she actually helped with cold
wet washcloths!

She was born at 10:38 a.m., 9 lbs 5 oz, 21.5" long and she has Kadee's face! See for yourself:

Leilani was having surgery at 4 p.m. (tubaligation). She'll be napping until tomorrow!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Sad

My grandson sent this to me (his little sister is 3 so it hit him in his heart). There was encouragement to pass it on. I'm not sure how that will help children in this situation but here it is.

My name is Sarah, I am but three,
My eyes are swollen, I cannot see
I must be stupid, I must be bad,
What else could have made my daddy so mad?
I wish I were better, I wish I weren't ugly,
Then maybe my Mommy would still want to hug me .
I can't speak at all, I can't do a wrong
Or else I'm locked up all the day long.
When I awake I'm all alone.
The house is dark, my folks aren't home.
When my Mommy does come I'll try and be nice,
So maybe I'll get just one whipping tonight.
Don't make a sound! I just heard a car
My daddy is back from Charlie's Bar.
I hear him curse, my name he calls
I press myself against the wall.
I try and hide from his evil eyes
I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry.
He finds me weeping. He shouts ugly words,
He says its my fault that he suffers at work.
He slaps me and hits me and yells at me more,
I finally get free and I run for the door.
He's already locked it and I start to bawl.
He takes me and throws me against the hard wall
I fall to the floor with my bones nearly broken
And my daddy continues with more bad words spoken.
"I'm sorry!" I scream, but its now much too late
His face has been twisted into unimaginable hate.
The hurt and the pain, again and again
Oh please God, have mercy! Oh please let it end!
And he finally stops and heads for the door,
While I lay there motionless sprawled on the floor.
My name is Sarah and I am but three,
Tonight my daddy murdered me.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I survived another surgery.........touch up surgery to even out the breast reconstruction and to give me some cleavage. I can't say I see any definition between the breasts, I'm hoping there is some swelling there and it'll show up later. They are the same size now. Of course now neither one will fill the bras I have.

I feel good, since most of my front was numb from the previous operation, there is very little pain. I do, however, have a sore throat and my lungs feel like I smoked too much. I don't know yet, if it is effects of the anesthesia. It doesn't seem to be getting better so maybe it's part of the bug my kids have had.

Kadee is feeling better. I guess Leilani is too, she spent her birthday taking me to Muskegon for surgery while Don & Uncle Cody took Kadee and Grandma out to lunch. Leilani is still very preganant. The midwife and the specialist are supposed to be talking about taking the baby early but by the time they decide, she'll be here! Last measurments put her at almost 9 lbs. She'll be 12 lbs if she goes full term. (she goes in today to be checked on)

Jenny will be performing in "Pollyanna" at the Hart Middle School on March 14th & 15th at 7 p.m. If you're in the neighborhood come see it! They've been working really hard......they even have rehersal this Sunday.

The girls are excited about spending Easter weekend with their cousin Kristy this year! They have a movie planned and maybe tie-dying Easter eggs! They'll be going to church with her too so we're going dress shopping this weekend!