Saturday, July 21, 2007

Home Sweet Cabin

Well, we are finally in our home! Take the tour.........

Our tile work in the stair well isn't done, stairs still have to be stained and varnished, curtains for under the sink and for my bedroom window still have to be made, hutch near the bath/bedroom doors is going to be refinished. The round table in the sun room/library needs the top refinished. (Oh yeah, son-in-law who wants to remain nameless, is going to make a rod for my shower.) ((He doesn't want anyone to know the extent of his'd cause more work for him!!))

All in all, kind of minor stuff considering what we've gotten done already!! I give a huge pat on the back (and cash if I had any) to Rob (my dedicated son) and the nameless one........both of which worked their tails off to get this project finished (and me out of the house!) My daughter and sister helped hang's different hanging it sideways! (the logs are really paper).

Rob is still going to build a unit for the end of the girls room consisting of storage on both sides of the window and a large window bench.........Jenny is looking forward to curling up there and reading. It has a nice view of the ponds across the street!
This is the view from the window (mirror) over my kitchen sink!


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