Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Christmas was a great success this year. The girls and I went to Grandpa's on Friday. We went to a new Mexican restaurant for dinner. The girls finished decorating the tree when we got back. It was a pretty little white tree and we put blue bulbs and blue garland on it!

Sat. we shopped a bit in the morning.......had to go to McDonalds Candy store and get our annual hit of Chocolate covered cherries!! Mmmmmmmm! That afternoon we went to Dave and Linda's and had dinner with them. It was yummy! We played Sequence that Aunt Vicki had brought with her. It was fun! (Sarah and I won 2 out of 3 against Aunt Linda and Jenny.) Aunt Linda & Uncle Dave gave me an Antler toilet paper holder for my new house!!

Sunday we went to church, out to lunch with Dave & Linda then to Walmart again. Spent a quiet Sunday afternoon then to church again for the Christmas pageant and candlelite service. Then home to open presents!! YEA!! Finally! Got the kids off our backs!! They were quite pleased with what they got. I only duplicated one Gameboy game!

We slept in Christmas morning and woke up to watch 'A Christmas Story' with the Red Rider BB Gun! TBS had it on for 24 hours in case you missed it the first 22 hours! Then we packed the truck and went home to Hart and another Christmas gathering with my kids. It was fun and Loni made the Lasagna and it was very good!! She CAN cook!! I think she must be faking so I'll do some of it!
Kadee was a great Santa in handing out gifts and she was more then willing to help you open yours!! She and Skylar both wore outfits that made them eligible to be Santa's helpers!

I hope you all had as Merry a Christmas as we did!! Love to you!!


At 11:18 AM , Anonymous jennifer said...

I love you too nana :)


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