Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day at the Beach in Ludington

WoW!! Look what Kami caught!! That's a whopper!!

Kami loved the sand!
Kadee didn't get out of the water long enough to get a closer photo of her! That's Jenny with her.


Me (they let me come cause they needed a driver.)

Having a ball!

Kami enjoyed getting buried!!

Jenny at the wedding. Sarah went to her friends birthday party, so she wasn't there.

Guests at the wedding.......

That's Jaycee, Tommy's little girl. And Kadee. Jaycee & Kami. The girls are dancing on the firepit!

Tom just to the left of Vicki (That's Tammi next to Tom) , first blue shirt to the rt of her is Tim, Katie's 1st hubby. The next blue shirt is Pastor Ron, from Vickies church.

Some of the grandkids....... MY grandgirls!

My daughter!!

Dave and Linda.......

I was the entertainment........I signed "Love of My Life". No, there were no deaf people there. Donny Osmond sang & Jim Brickman played the piano. Vicki just wanted something for the guests to watch since the music was canned.

The Re-Wedding

Same man, same woman on Porter Rd....again. Here's to the next 50 years!!

Vicki walked Dad down the aisle this time. (He didn't cry this time!) Katie & Dean

Kathy & Lenny.......almost missed.

Kim & Larry

Kristie & Russell

The Bride & Groom........

Exchanging rings

The Kiss.............

Stepping into the future.......

Happy 50th Vicki & Allen!

This is the snippet I made for Vic & Al. I pictured it hanging in their hall but she'll put it where she wants it! I did some beading on the flowers, which I found quite fun!! I used the foiling on the watering can too. That was a fun experiment!! The butterflies are there because I just like them and the lady bug is for luck!