Saturday, September 20, 2008


I guess you'll have to wait to see my vacation photos. The computer isn't co-operating.
We had a great time but didn't get to spend near enough time with Bee. I took one of her classes and had allot of fun! Learned allot too! She is a good teacher.

I'm back to the fall routine of school and Kadee and Kami spending days with me. Jenny and Sarah are having a good time in school. Don is looking forward to the hunting season (he's hunting this weekend in southern MI somewhere.......not far from Cabelas!) Leilani is looking forward to her Oct. vacation time and Selem D coming home in Nov.

We tried the new hybrid apple grown locally......Sweet is fabulous!! There isn't much crop this year......the trees are so small.......$12 for 1/2 peck! (that was about 8-10 apples) They are sweet, tangy, juicy, crispy and are supposed to keep their firmness in the cellar! They are designed to be as good in the spring as in the fall. Since the crop was so small, how will they know!?

I'm trying to think toward Christmas........after 60 of them, it has lost the allure. That and what do you buy for people who seem to have everything they want and allot of stuff they don't! Perhaps I'll have a star named for them.......although they'd probably rather have cash.