Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lion's Gate

Kadee and I watch movies at nite in my bed. Some of them start out with this set of new, shiny gears........meshing perfectly.......then the castle like doors open and the words "LIONS GATE" swoosh onto the screen. I describe to Kadee what's going on and then read the words.
Yesterday she's sitting on her Mom's lap in front of the computer where Mom is loading a DVD and the gears come up. Mom yells for Evan to "watch this"! When the words come up she says, "Kadee, what does that say?" And of course Kadee says "Lions Gate".
Boy! Was Evan ever impressed!!
It was impressive when she knew the alphabet at 18 months, and now she can read at 2!! She is BRILLIANT ..........and she'll tell you so~!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's ME !

Yes, I'm back! I have no excuse for not dropping on now and then. Just me and Kadee hanging out. The kids are getting busier as the end of the school year approaches. Jenny is off right now on a 2 day trip to Greenfield Village with the 5th grade.

I'm hoping to get the new Granny Flat organized and livable before I have surgery (which I have postponed until Jly 25th.) Wish me luck!!

Home Sweet Home

It's coming along!! I hope to start painting within a week!!


Mom's are just made for resting on!

The Season's First Picnic!

Jenny and Kaden enjoy a sunny day by eating on the front deck.