Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Back!

Once again the computer is back from the shop. My advice to you is 'Shop Around!' Best Buy Geeks wanted $616 + to replace my optical drive when it went out. They said half of that was probably labor. I've since learned that it takes the removal of 1 screw to remove it, slide the new drive in (plugs itself in), replace the screw. Hmmmmm.........$300 worth of labor?!!

My son heard about a little independent shop which put in a new drive, fixed the corrupt hard drive, cleaned it up of viruses and loaded an anti-virus program......all for $178. Now that's a deal!

Jenny, Sarah and I are going to spend Spring Break at the condo on White Lake! We'll use the pool, learn some math at 'Uncle David's Math Camp' & go ice skating! And whatever else we can find to do! (But especially, SLEEP IN!!)

See you after Easter! Have a hoppy one!!