Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Every year we see this sight at a union hall just south of Fremont on Rt 82. It is awesome to see. I stopped on our way home from camping. Apparently there are names attached to each flag because I saw a couple of men walking thru the flags and reading what was attached. I didn't get that close........I had an impatient child in the truck! Sarah, Odie, Kadee & Kami went camping on Fri. with me. Loni picked up 3 of the girls on Sun. Kadee didn't even want to come say hi to her! She was too busy playing with her 'real friends'. (That came from a discussion her and I had when she told me she wanted some real friends, not just pretend friends.......like Pablo and Austin and Uniqua........they are Backyardigans........a cartoon she watches.) She had a ball!! One of the grandmas took a golf-cart full of little girls to the frog pond and Kadee got her first polywog!!

Kami liked the little bathtub. She had fun once she got used to Harry. He was the only one she seemed to want to pucker for.
I got to spend some time with Jeanne. She's looking thin and frail and she sleeps allot. She said she feels better since she stopped the latest Chemo. They're going to keep her off it until July then try a new one.
We had a good time, ate too much and the weather was gorgeous! Not too hot and we had a breeze most of the time. Lynne and Harry are leaving for Nova Scotia the end of this week. They'll be gone for a month visiting her family. We're hoping they'll bring back some lobsters again!!