Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Fun

This picture is just for the fun of it! Kami is so much fun......great personality......great sense of humor already!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! Aunt Leilani made the cake for her! (She's into wolves)
We went to Comfort Inn with a bunch of her friends, for a pool party!! They had a ball!

I finished a quilt for Marsha, Leilani's Mom-in-law.......a sweet lady who works full time and still insists on making the huge holiday dinners for anyone who wants to show up!! I machine quilted it hand.......using a little leaf design. You can see it on the black block.

It fits the top of a full bed with about a 4-6" drop. Big enough to use as a cold weather cover, over the bed spread!

Here's the label. Marsha did like it! It was fun to make too!