Monday, December 22, 2008

Cleaning Up

Leilani spent the night at the hotel at the corner of the Walmart parking lot due to the weather. I told her to give the bill to Walmart since they refused to let her head for home early. That job is just not worth a life!! Today is clean-up and I hear they are threatening us with a big one tomorrow some time. I keep telling Don we need to get a snow blower. He's sure if we do it will stop the snow from falling. That's worth the price of a blower, isn't it??

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is here! Happy solstice!

This is what we woke up to. I'm hoping Leilani stays in Muskegon tonite! She went to work but things have continued to get worse as the day went on. It's snowing sideways now and we can't see across the road!

Well, we had Christmas with the kids last nite. Rob and Leilani and their families. Dad came up too. Dad headed home fairly early to beat the storm that was predicted. Rob and Kim decided to head home too so they didn't get stuck up here until Mon. The kids liked their quiltlets I made for them. They aren't really quilts because they don't have 3 layers. They are the top and have sherpa on the back (kinda like lamb fur.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas time!

We are doing fine! Jenny went to her Christmas dance and Sarah is at a slumber party this weekend.

I am getting so much sleep that my Dr. is putting me in a sleep study. I could use a nap all the time and I'm never rested. Apparently it isn't just getting old!

Kadee and Kami come over almost daily. They are so much fun! I thoroughly enjoy them! Kadde likes to help me cook and bake. We made Rocky Road Fudge yesterday with the intension of sending it to Selem (her brother in the service) but I'm not sure it would survive the trip. So we took it over to her Dad.......he loves it too and calls it "rocky road pudge" for obvious reasons!! (Sorry Selem......any other holiday goodies you like that might hold up better in the mail?) We just might try the fudge anyway.........have a spoon handy!!

This little lap quilt I sent to my sister, Vicki, who is spending her first winter in FL. I wanted her to remember what MI looks like in the winter!! When I talked to her, she was using it because the temps had plumetted to 60 down there!!

Kami motors all over the place these days. Here she is just resting. Learning all the stuff a baby has to learn is exhausting!!

I found this rocking horse at Goodwill for $8! Kami loves it! You have to help her stay on but she sure enjoys the ride! Soon she'll be saying "Yee-Ha!"

Have a safe and happy Christmas season if I don't get back here before!