Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wanted to share a photo or 3 ~

The girls come to visit me often. Awwwww! Kadee being the best big sister!
The dogs love the baby too!
So does Nana! We talk allot!
Kadee took this picture.......Mama, Nana and "Kamryn Grace Taylor"!
Dodger and Brandi in the antique crib!!

It's Mother's Day.......

My Happy Mother's Day gift from my Taylors!

I've finished reading another DeMille book this weekend and just started another today. Been trying to lay around like I've been told to do. It sure isn't easy! Doing nothing gives me lots of time to see all the stuff that should be done!!
The girls are helping where they can .....Sarah offered to make me breakfast. I wasn't hungry! She gave me bath salts that smell wonderful! And Jennifer gave me some hand crafted flowers!
I got a lovely cards from Sam & Chris & Jenny, a call from Marcy and Leilani & Don & kids stopped by with a card and gift. They got me a "Remedies Cabinet" that I had admired in 'Victorian Trading Co.' catalog. They have some neat stuff! I don't know where I'll hang it yet. It fits well in my rustic cabin! They were on their way to the other Mom's house.

I'm feeling rather dragged out today for some reason. Just sort of blaghg. I guess I should be glad I don't feel good! I'd want to be doing stuff I shouldn't!

Jenny and I went over her paperwork for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp that arrived yesterday. There were lots of forms to fill out and lots of checks to write! She is going to have a fabulous time!! We have some shopping to shoes, underwear and a music stand. Sarah and I will have to make plans to do something while she's gone!

Talk to you soon!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back home again!

I spent the night in the hospital and am home now. The worst part, for me, when I have surgery, is the IV. I have lousy veins these days. The first try was a hit! Woo Hoo! We got lucky! I was in my room after surgery and my arm was itching.......then I realized it was hard! Swelled! They called the IV Team (which in reality is one guy) and I got a new one. Swell. My arm is sore and bruised where the first one had been. The second one probably would've lasted a while!
I had eaten lunch before I came home (at about 3:30 p.m.) and when I went to bed that nite I took 2 Vicoden. At 3:45 a.m. I was throwing up. Don't take 2 of them on an empty stomach!! I continued with this routine until about 8 a.m.

Alysha (my grandson's girlfriend...........that's her up there/\) had spent the night again and got the girls up and took them to school.
I'm not having allot of pain except for my left hip! I'm sure it's due to the position I was in during surgery but I can't seem to get any relief from it. When I sit in a hard chair the pain shoots thru the joint to to front of my hip! OUCH!! Last nite my lungs would hurt when I cough (which I was told to do frequently.)
I got up and ate a bowl of cereal this morning before taking pills. My stomach feels like it has a lump of something laying in it. Oh well, no place to go but up, right?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Surgery again

Tomorrow is another surgery. Yes, I've been hit hard by gravity. This one is for the baggy-bladder syndrom. Although it isn't a particularly hard surgery, the full recovery sounds like it takes forever! Dr. D. said it'll be a year before I have no weight lifting restrictions. Hmmmm, who's going to carry in the groceries?? Oh well, I'll just have to suffer and let the kids do it!
I have a small window of opportunity before Leilani goes back to work and the Dr. was able to get me scheduled real fast! So we're off!
Yesterday Leilani and I went to lunch with my friends Toni & Sheryl. We had a great time! Grma Marsha watched Kami and Kadee stayed with my girls. I was allot of fun. Tonies' sister, Rita has a shop in Pentwater called 'The Secret Garden' so we went there too. She has so much cool stuff! Geeze......I wish I would think to carry my camera like my sister does!! Next time I'll try to remember!!
See you after the hospital stay!