Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Latest Project

Ok Bee......your the Pro! Since this is a fused project, I heavily quilted it with monofilament (which I hate using by the way!) My edges are wavy and I'm afraid when I put the binding on it will resemble a ruffle. What should I have done differently? I have 2 more patterns that are done the same way. Don't want to have this problem again!
I figured the monofilament thread was the answer to the light/dark extremes of the fabric.. The dark (which is cut out in one piece) has some extreme points and the needle on the Nolting is so big, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to secure all the 'scene' the way I thought I should.
What do you think??

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yes, another beautiful day! It has been abnormally warm and dry for this time of year..........the trees should be turning green any minute now.
Don is getting my trailer ready to move to a new location so maybe it will sell. The battery is dead so the slideout can't be closed for travel down the road. (Speaking of dead........there were a ton of flies in there too!)

All's well in Hartland.......I'm not very creative lately.....don't know why.
I get to watch the girls from time to time. Kamryn stayed with me yesterday while her mom shopped. She's so sweet and cuddly! Kadee comes over pretty much every day.

She came in one day when I was at her house and plucked the Guinea Pig's hair out! Not all of it but she has some real thin areas!! I told her it was wrong and she can't do that. Then I asked why she did it and she told me it was FUN!!

While climbing on her backyard playset she told me "I can climb very well!" I'm just floored by this 3 yr olds vocabulary. But then, she was the only one I had to talk to while her mom was to work! (Leilani keeps saying she wants me to home school her girls!)

Jennifer is all signed up for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp! She goes June 25th. She's so excited! She will major in Clarinet/Band and minor in Theater. It's a 12 day session with no phone calls home! (She says that Claire Annette will be the name of her first born girl!!)

Sarah hasn't decided what will be her plans for the summer. Probably lots of swimming in the ponds and some archery/rifle shooting.

I should have the girls (Kadee & Kami) starting June 1st. So I'll be busy!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Girls!

It was Skylar & Sarah's birthdays this weekend. (Skylar's the 4th (she turned 2) & Sarah's the 5th (she turned 11)). We decided to have one party for the 2 of them. Aunt Vicki & Uncle Al were here. (That's Rob standing)
Really cool Uncle Cody showed up!
There were lots of presents..........
For both girls.....!
Aunt Loni & Kamryn,

Uncle Don........ (there's Uncle Al back there at the table)
TWO Grandpas!
There's Elise, Remington, Kaden, Jenny and Grandma back there......
(Mel)Odie came too.

It was fun!

Kaden and Skylar share a hug!