Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Week Out

I went to the doctor yesterday, after a little grocery shopping, and he removed 3 of the 4 drains and all the tummy stitches. I'm wearing an elastic wrap around my belly that is allot like the girdles I wore as a teen (WHAT WAS I THINKING!!) I just found out I have to wear it for 6 WEEKS! Pitts! Although it has decreased my appetite and I have lost 10 pounds! In the hospital the only thing that sound good was I ate allot of fruit. The surgery didn't remove any flesh, it just moved it so it's not from that. I'm thinking I should keep this wrap and wear it at meal time!!

I'm feeling good, moving good (reaching the floor is a bit f a problem) and eating good! All in all, I believe I will survive! I wasn't too sure the first day or so after surgery..........say NO to morphine!! Sure clouds your brain! I'm taking Tylenol now.

Hear from me soon!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Home!

I'm home a feeling pretty good. The first couple of days I wished I hadn't done it but once I realized the way I felt was from the pain drip of morphine I was getting, and had them remove it, it was all uphill from there! Then I took Vicoden at nite to help me sleep and Tylenol during the day, so I wouldn't. They must be short staffed too because everyone that came in said the Dr. wanted me to walk, then they'd leave. I was so drugged I couldn't stand up alone!
Changing the meds made such a huge difference, he offered to let me go home Sat. I asked to stay one more nite which was still a day sooner then he had originally told me. I have an elastic wrap on my abdomen and a tube top covering my new boobs (both have dry dressings under them.) I also have 4 drain tubes......which are such a joy~~ I may lose some of all of it when I see him on Fri. I'll keep you posted.........maybe even with a photo!!